Servers and Security

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Facilities Overview

Main servers are housed in Germany, however, we operate servers in the U.S.A., in multiple locations in Europe, and in Asia, covering all of our clients.  With multiple Tier 1 network contracts, the datacenters we use provide excellent connectivity for global reach and lower latency.


All our servers use the CloudLinux distribution, which is based on CentOS Linux.  CloudLinux provides a number of enhancements to file systems, server security tools and other miscellaneous OS features. Additionally, all our servers are configured with mod_security with rules updated daily, keeping your website protected from most security issues and attacks.

Anti-SPAM and e-mail protection

Our e-mail protection includes both server-side, and client-side protection, through the use of industry leading Kaspersky AntiVirus and MagicSPAM.  Our IPs are monitored daily for SPAM house blacklisting, and we get notified instantly by our monitoring system when an IP has been flagged for SPAMming.  This assures that all of your emails will be safely delivered to the destination mail server in a timely manner. Furthermore, we provide a list of client side tools which can help you create custom filters per email account to filter any unwanted messages.