Acceptable Use Policy

All services provided by The Company may be used for lawful purposes only. All laws of Greece and the European Union apply.

The Customer must hold harmless and risk-free The Company from any claims resulting from the use of The Company services. The Customer acknowledges that The Company prohibits the use of its services for distributing, storing or transmitting any copyrighted materials which includes, but are not limited to copyrighted music files, photographs, books or any other materials protected by the power of the law.

The offer of or possessing of such information or materials, or the offer to sale of any fake merchandise of a trademark holder will immediately result in the termination of that account. Accounts, founded to be in violation of others copyright will be instantly removed, or any access to it will be immediately stopped. If the account is found again to be in the violation of copyright or trademark laws it will result in the immediate suspension and/or termination of the account.

Technical Acceptable Use Policy

The Customer understands and agrees that all applications, scripts, software, as well as actions caused by them, hosted on his shared hosting account with The Company should comply with the following resource and acceptable use policy requirements.

The Customer hereby agrees that the usage of the applications, scripts, software products listed below is considered as strictly prohibited:

  1. The Customer agrees that crontab jobs are required to be set for interval larger than 30 minutes and The Company reserves the right to modify their timing in case of need or overuse.
  1. The Customer agrees that his usage of the services purchased by The Company may not participate in any legal or illegal file sharing, storage or peer to peer activities.
  1. The Customer acknowledges that his website can not contain adult, explicit, inappropriate materials or link to such resources, unless explicitly arranged with The Company. The Company reserves the right to determine which content is appropriate and violations may result to account suspension or account termination without further notice.

Servers configuration policy

The Company has configured its servers based on its best knowledge for optimal server performance and stability. The Company can make changes at the server configuration at any time without prior warning to the Customer if it is in its best interest. This is done for achieving better server performance and stability.

The Customer agrees that he/she will not be able to perform any activity from his/her account, that will be in contradiction with the server configuration, as such activities are endangering the quality of service and the overall server performance. The Company reserves the right to perform application version changes and updates at any time without prior warning to the Customer. This is done in good faith for achieving better server performance and lowering the resource usage by the Customer’s website.

The Company shall not be liable if any part of the Customer’s account or website is not compatible with any system update and for any loss or damage arising therein. The Company reserves the right to be set off of any kind of liability, in case that the provided server configuration is not matching any particular application’s requirements or module/component’s requirements. The Company should not be held liable for any opportunity loss, intellectual damage or loss of profit arising therein.

Limitation of liability

The Customer agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law (if any), he will not, under any circumstances including, but not limited to — negligence, hold The Company or it licensees, agents, employees, executives and/or third party vendors liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damage whatsoever including, but not limited to — damages for lost profits, cost savings, revenue, business, data or use, or any other pecuniary loss by you or any other third party.

In no event The Company will be liable to The Customer in the aggregate with respect to any and all breaches, defaults or claims of liability under this document or under any document greater than the exact monthly fee paid by you to us preceding a claim giving rise to such liability. Certain jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damage. The Customer agrees that in those jurisdictions, the liability of The Company will be limited to an amount not greater than the exact monthly fee paid as per the hosting plan used.

Email policy

The Customer understands and agrees that:

  1. The total amount of email messages that can be receive from all email accounts on the Customer’s hosting account per minute, should not exceed the amount of 420 messages per hour.
  2. If an account is detected to receive more than 400 messages per hour, it might be temporarily suspended or its MX records might be redirected, in order to preserve the server normal operations and stability.
  3. Furthermore, the total amount of recipient of single email message should not exceed 15.
  4. The use of email clients with IMAP protocol is allowed for mailboxes with a maximum size up to 250MB. If a usage of the IMAP protocol with a larger mailbox occurs, it can be considered as endangering the overall server performance and stability and flagged for review and/or suspension by The Company without prior notice.
  5. No more than 10 simultaneous IMAP connections to the hosting servers are allowed. Exceeding this quota may result in flagged service for review and/or suspension by The Company without prior notice.
  6. The total amount of email messages, send either by applications, scripts, webmail or email clients, should not be over 400 emails per hour. If an account is detected to send more than the stated above amount, it can be considered as endangering the overall server performance and stability and flagged for review and/or suspension by The Company without prior notice.

The Company cannot be held in responsibility for any loss suffered or occurred damages including but not limited to: email delivery failures, email loss, emails being flagged as spam, etc.; during or resulting from server or email service downtime, irrespective of the cause, time and duration of the mentioned downtime.

The Customer acknowledges that The Company cannot guarantee that any particular email message will be delivered to or from a particular mailbox due to the nature of the email service and to the fact that the Internet is not owned nor controlled by any legal entity. Using the email service provided by The Company is done on an ”as is, as available” basis and is used at Customer’s own risk.

Zero tolerance to SPAM policy

Subject of this part of the document is e-mail spam, also known as unsolicited bulk email (UBE), junk mail, or unsolicited commercial email (UCE), is the practice of sending unwanted e-mail messages, frequently with commercial content, in large quantities to an indiscriminate set of recipients and any other forms of it.

The Customer acknowledges that any spam complaint reported against email sent through his account will lead to its suspension and will require further communication with The Company’s technical support team to review and resolve, nevertheless the type/tier of service used.

The Customer acknowledges that The Company is taking a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail and other forms of spam. As spam/unsolicited email is considered any email sent via any server administrated by The Company that does not comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and Directive 2002/58 of the European Union.

Inodes policy

The Customer understands and agrees that an account cannot use more than 175 000 per account. Accounts that slightly exceed the inode limits are unlikely to be suspended, however, accounts that are constantly creating and delete large numbers of files on a regular basis, have hundreds of thousands of files, or cause file system damage may be flagged for review and/or suspension. Every single file or folder on The Customer’s account is counted as 1 inode unit.

Disk space and Traffic Usage

The Customer understands that the terms “unlimited” and “unmetered” are defined by experience gained by The Company with similarly situated customers or measured by the industrials standards and the average resource usage of a shared hosting account located on the same server.

This means that The Customer’s use of our resources may not exceed that of similarly situated customers in a way to affect global performance of the hosting environment of cause any service-related issues, regular backups delay or high I/O wait.

The Customer acknowledges that the services purchased by The Company are for web hosting purposes and not storage ones. Storage of a large amount of uncompressed or full-size digital images, online backups both of your local computer or hosting account Online file (FTP) serving Distribution of content such as MP3 files or other multimedia content is strictly prohibited by The Company and will result in The Customer’s account being suspended and/or flagged for review by The Company without any prior notice.

MySQL/PostgreSQL/Other database engines policy

The Customer understands and agrees that the usage of MySQL and PostgreSQL database server resources must be kept in a way that does not endanger the quality of the overall server performance.

The Company has the right to decide on its sole discretion which queries executed towards any database are considered as slow. Slow queries are being considered as a burden, which endangers the overall server performance. Failure to comply with this might lead to warning, suspension or possible account termination.

Fair usage of MySQL/PostgreSQL resources

The Customer agrees not to use more than 10 percent of the system resources in any second, spent in MySQL queries towards databases under the account in question.

The maximum allowed size of MySQL/PostgreSQL allowed on a shared hosting server is 400MB, while the recommended, in best interest of either parties (the Customer and the Company) is 300MB.

Databases with size over the recommended are considered as critical sized, therefore endangering the server performance. Databases above critical sized measure mentioned herein are subject of temporary or permanent suspension, termination or rotation without prior notice or request by the Company.

The Customer is solely responsible to manage database(s) and scripts interacting with them so that they are in compliance with this part of the Terms of Use document.

Script executions/Average execution time

The Customer understands and agrees that the account owned by him is allowed to execute up to 15,000 scripts or programs for any given calendar day. The Customer is allowed to execute up to 900 programs or scripts per any given hour of the day. Script Executions is the number of programs or scripts, executed for a certain period of time and detailed statistics can be provided upon The Customer requesting this via The Company’s Client area by contacting the technical support team.

The account owned by The Customer is allowed to use up to 24,000 CPU seconds for any given calendar day. The account owned by The Customer is allowed to use up to 2,000 CPU seconds for any given hour of the day. CPU time is considered the amount of time (measured in seconds) that an application is using while processing CPU instructions.

The account owned by The Customer is allowed to execute each script for average of up to 5 seconds for any given day. The average time is calculated on daily basis, where the total number of CPU time for that day is divided by the total number of scripts executions occurrences for the same day.

The Company reserves the sole right to require changes or disable as necessary any web site, hosting account, email account, database, or other component that does not comply with these established policies, or to make any such modifications in an emergency at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Providing Technical Support Policy

The Company will provide webhosting related technical support.

The Customer can request technical support only by opening a ticket trough the ticketing system located in the Client area. The Company will have no liability to provide technical support if it is requested in any other way, different from the ticketing system.

The Customer acknowledges that by asking our technical representatives for technical assistance, he/she authorizes their intervention and operation in the Customer’s hosting account, Plesk Panel and/or Client Area.

The Customer must provide the Company with all information and access to resources that the Company may reasonably require to provide the requested Technical Support. The Company cannot and will not be liable for any delays or increased costs or expenses associated with Customer’s failure to provide any of such information.

The Company will do its best to provide the requested technical support in the time frame expected by the Customer and to achieve the results required by every particular request. The Company, however, has no obligation to complete the requested Technical support by any deadline or achieve any particular outcome or result.

The Company provides technical support in best interest of the Customer and does not guarantee the successful outcome or result of any operation requested. The Customer agrees to accept technical support upon sole own discretion and responsibility.

The Customer should not abuse the ticketing system. Abuse of the ticketing system includes, but is not limited to, excessive number of tickets opened by a single Customer, aggressive and/or harassing behavior, etc. Any abuse of the ticketing system may result in warning, ticketing system access restrictions, hosting account suspension or possible hosting account termination with no refund.

The Company has the sole right to decide what constitutes abuse of the ticketing system and apply an additional fee, depending on requests frequency. No additional fee will be formed in this document.

Additional fees are formed “on demand” principle by The Company representatives. If an additional fee for certain service is requested, no service will be provided by The Company prior invoiced fee is paid.

Any additional fees paid by the Customer for technical support are non-refundable.